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STARS Early Learning Academy is a local nonprofit child care center that is driven and inspired by our vision to provide the very best in child care and early childhood education from infants to school-aged.  STARS ELA has carefully crafted every aspect of our new business with the children, parents, and teachers at the forefront of our design.  STARS ELA will deliver care that nurtures the whole child and partners with families, who in turn partner with their away from home caretakers to ensure a mutual platform for children to thrive.

STARS programs are based on our belief that:

  • The focus of attention is on the whole child. The child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development are equally important.

  • The family is the strongest influence in the child’s growth and development. We value and support families as they create ways of living, growing, and nurturing each other.

  • Each child develops at their own pace through developmental stages. Young children learn by doing through experimentation and discovery, using all of their senses.

  • The development and preservation of each child’s self-esteem affect their entire life.

  • Each child is valued through nurturing support and recognition with respect to individual differences.

  • Modeling and encouraging positive social skills at an early age will contribute to a child’s future school success.